42"-Accent Stain Finish Table Only . $704
42" - Clear Finish Table Only 42" x 42" $629
36"-Clear Finish Table Only 36" x 36" $549
36"-Accent Stain Finish Table Only . $624

  • Stain Options are Clear, Saddle, Walnut & Driftwood.
  • Your Choice of Sanded Smooth or Circle Sawn Tops.
  • Dining Tables are available unfinished. Call 859-548-2040 for special pricing.
  • Prices do not include shipping costs.
  • Sale prices are subject to change without notice so call now to secure best deal.

Handcrafted with Northern White Cedar, the Round Indoor Dining Table brings everyone together. Straight from our woodworking shop to your dining room, LogHeads’s Round Indoor Dining Table brings some of that rustic appeal into your home.

36″ x 36″
42″ x 42″