Clear Finish 72" x 36" x 31" $879
Accent Stain Finish 72" x 36" x 31" $964

  • Stain Options are Ebony, Walnut and Driftwood.
  • Prices do not include shipping costs.
  • Sale prices are subject to change without notice so call now to secure best deal.
  • Price above is for the Dining Table without log trim. Additional costs will apply for log trim.
  • Dining Tables available with Standard Trim or Log Trim. Additional costs for Dining Chairs.

The Mossy Oak 6ft Rectangle Indoor Dining Table offers ample surface area to get the entire family around. A bona fide classic, this rustic log table's Northern White Cedar has been sanded down until smooth to the touch and then covered in a fine clear finish. The choices we have to offer in multiple sizes, strains and textures means we have something uniquely perfect for you.