• Stain Options are Ebony,  Walnut and Driftwood for additional cost.
  • Priced above includes the Queen Elk Ridge Lodge Bed, Medium 6 Drawer Dresser, Jewelry Vanity, Mirror And 2-2 Drawer 2 Door Nightstand.
  • Additional Costs for the Bedding and Accessories.
  • Each Item can be priced Separately as well.

Each and every Lodge Log Bed we ship out is an organic temple of rapture and relaxation. Ancient wind-whipped Northern Cedar Lumber has been fastened together via classical mortise and tenon joints without a penny's worth of metal on board. Our beds are peerless and the Lodge Log Bed is the first model in our line which can be legitimately called herculean. This is real handmade log furniture coming out from the heart of Kentucky.