k_is_for_king King Clear Finish Only $1179
q_is_for_queen Queen Clear Finish Only $1039
f_is_for_full Full Clear Finish Only $879
t_is_for_twin Twin Clear Finish Only $625

Hickory is among the hardest and strongest of woods
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Handcrafted from Hickory with a full log White Cedar Frame, our Timber Creek Log Bed is a bona fide rustic dream. Each log has been closely spaced by our expert craftsmen in our Bryantsville workshop. The Timber Creek Log Bed is characterized by its low profile footboard and spindle-backed raised headboard. You can easily see why this is one of our Top sellers!

Twin-85" x 43" x 51"/33" 
Full-85" x 58" x 51"/33"
Queen-91" x 64" x 51"/33" 
King-91" x 84" x 51"/33"