No Supply Chain Delay Here… Because we have No Supply Chain, Really!

We have no supply chain, really!

“Sorry, your item is delayed and will not be delivered until…”

How often have you heard that lately? Too often, right? We’ve all been victims of manufacturing and supply chain delays recently, and it affects all transactions – even the simple pleasures. Trying to buy a car, fixing up your house, even buying birthday presents for your kids is not as easy as it used to be. Not anymore.

Everything takes sooooo long to arrive.

Except us. We are still business as usual here at LogHeads!


We have no supply chain delays – because we have no supply chain! The logs and lumber are local, our craftsmen are local, our workshop is local and we even have a local Machinist who makes some of our equipment… are you sensing a theme here?

So while your car, washing machine, kitchen cabinets, and birthday gifts are stuck on a cargo ship somewhere out on the ocean…


…we are hard at work making beautiful furniture for your home.

There’s nothing automated in our manufacturing process and these pieces are custom made for your family. Here’s how our process skips the supply-chain headache.


Our logs come from our local lumber suppliers, both named Joe – Joe Hickory and Joe Cedar! They get us all the supplies we need to manufacture your furniture. No delays here!

We create your furniture right here in our workshop with our team of craftsmen. There’s a lot of talent in this county. No delays here!

Even the delivery company who brings you the furniture is based here in the USA. We deliver anywhere FREE in the continental US. Your furniture arrives on time. No delays here!


And if you like our heirloom-quality furniture in the catalog, you’ll love it in your home! We are passionate about our building process and how we create each piece on site – From Tree to Table.


And yes, we can deliver your furniture on time!