Large Hutch

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Large Hutch

LogHeads Large Hutch is the perfect fit for any rustic living space. The Large Hutch delivers more storage space than the small hutch. It offers multiple drawer and cabinet compartments as well as counter top space for even more storage or decorative flare. When you buy from LogHeads Home Center, you know your hutch has been built by hand in our central Kentucky workshop. This is real, American furniture.

Large Hutch Dimensions:

53″ x 24″ x 77.5″

Q&A/ Facts you need to know about our Large Hutch:

  • Log Texture Options: Cabin (Sanded Smooth), Hand Hewn (German Peeled), Elk Ridge (Displays distinctive patterns or knots)
  • Surface Top Texture Options: Available in sanded smooth or circle sawn (reclaimed wood visual appearance) texture.
  • Stain Options: Available in clear stain or our custom saddle stain that gives that reclaimed wood furniture look that people love.
  • Benefits of Northern White Cedar: Requires very little maintenance. Northern White Cedar furniture is sourced from sustainable forests and you can feel good about using it in your home.
  • Northern White Cedar is an excellent choice for anyone who values durability, beauty and sustainability.
  • Durability: Strong and Durable construction built to last which includes solid wood construction and meticulous attention to detail with over 25 years of furniture manufacturing experience.
  • Log Checking: Checking in wood is a natural common characteristic of White Cedar log homes and furniture. Most checks are an acceptable part of wood’s nature that add character to your logs. Checking occurs when moisture leaves the wood as it dries.  Cedar is still one of nature’s wonders and has a mind of its own — undoubtedly the wood will show character wherever it wishes. That is the true beauty of our furniture. Truly– no two pieces are exactly alike. Checking is not a defect and is not subject to warranty. Checking does not affect the structural integrity of the furniture made from it.

Order your LogHeads Large Hutch today and add a touch of charm to your dining room!


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