Outdoor/Indoor Stair Railings

Greetings! Are you in the market for some sturdy handrails for your outdoor porch railings? Or do you have some indoor stairs and loft space that need some railing? Well, look no further LogHeads can handle all of your railing needs.

If you are in need of handrails for your outdoor steps, we can help. If you are in need of indoor stair railing or maybe railing for the loft, we can help you with this project as well. Our Log Railing system has a classic rustic look and is sure to enhance any indoor or outdoor railing project.

Our handcrafted log railing is designed to custom fit any site. We make it easier than ever with our pre-cut 8-foot sections.

Here are some facts to know about our railing for your outdoor stairs and outdoor decks:

  • Railing comes fully assembled in pre-cut 8-foot sections ready to install.
  • All railing is made from 100% #1 Grade Northern White Cedar.
  • Railing comes in our beautiful hand-hewn texture.
  • The bottom 7 inches of the post is used for notching (a mounting method).
  • The notching of your post will depend on how it will be mounted.
  • Most posts may be cut to custom lengths.

For over 25 years, our LogHeads Craftsman have been handcrafting log railing for both Residential and Commercial Customers. We are master craftsmen with a passion for creating beautiful and functional railings ensuring both durability and style. Our wooden railing systems are constructed with Northern White Cedar. At LogHeads we use only the finest materials and construction methods, and take pride in our work.
If you are looking for a high-quality, handcrafted outdoor stair railing or outdoor porch wood railing then LogHeads is the company for you. Vision you indoor stairs and loft accented with our wooden log railing. Just what you need to complete the Rustic Cabin look.

LogHeads has been constructing exterior and interior railing for many years. Wooden outdoor stair and deck railings are a perfect choice for all of your outdoor porch railing projects along with any interior needs you may have. So give us a holler and let us get started on your railing project today!

Contact LogHeads today to learn more about all of Rustic Log Furniture and Wooden Railings.

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